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Family shampoo - Valquer Vegan Sunset 50g

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Our shampoo sulphate free bar 50g = liquid shampoo 400ml/600ml

Friendly family shampoo formulated with oat oil and aloe vera. You can feel its innovative foaming texture when massaging the bar over your damp hair and then rinsing with water.

Our Sunset shampoo bar is without a doubt one of the most popular. Oats are a herbaceous plant made up of low and high molecular weight proteins. The former can penetrate the cortex of the hair fibres, being ideal for repairing, strengthening, and protecting hair directly from within. On the other hand, high molecular weight proteins, due to their ability to form a film on the surface of the hair, are suitable as protective and softening agents. Aloe Vera contains many essential vitamins and minerals for people. And this is why it is used both in medicine, in the food industry and cosmetics. Its benefits extend both outsides and inside our body. And its softening and moisturising properties make it one of the most appreciated ingredients at the hair level. Specially designed for children (from 3 years), protecting delicate hair and providing a soft touch!

Also, it is sulphate free shampoo bar, soap-free, and vegan. Excellent ecological development that brings beauty to the hair without giving up the benefits of the liquid shampoo.

How to use it?
Wet your hair and shampoo bar with water
Rub the shampoo bar directly onto damp hair until you get the desired foam
Wash your scalp by gently massaging
Rinse well
Store your shampoo bar in a dry place for preservation

What are its advantages?
Respectful with the environment
CO2 reduction in transportation
100% recyclable
Very practical to use and transport: they can be carried on the plane